why YOU need to visit Tramore, Co. Waterford this Winter

Tramore is a beautiful seaside town located in County Waterford which is a really popular destination for Irish and non-Irish residents to visit during the summer. They have their famous amusements in the summer and many people spend a weekend here as a staycation and eat ice cream, walk on the beach and go on the amusements like the chair-o-planes but I personally think that Tramore has so much to offer in the Winter time too and these are some of the things you could get up to in the Winter months:

Tramore Beach, Image: me

Walk on the beach:

Tramore beach is one of the prettiest beaches that I’ve been to and I always come here in the winter. There’s something about putting on a big jacket, hat and scarf and getting that fresh, salt air during the winter is just so appealing. Some of the shops near the beach are open all year round so you can even go get a cup of tea or hot chocolate to bring with you to keep your hands warm while you walk. If you don’t fancy walking on the beach, you can walk on the path up off the beach and still enjoy the gorgeous views and the fresh air. 

Winterval in Waterford City, Image: evoke.ie


In case you’re unfamiliar with Winterval, it’s a winter festival which happens in Waterford city every year where you can go get so delicious Christmas food and drinks, go on the Ferris wheel, go ice skating and of course, see Santa to make sure he got your list! Waterford city is only 15 minutes away from Tramore beach and there’s a city bus you can take if you don’t have a car so there’s no excuse. The festival this year (2018) is from the 17th of November to the 23rd of December. If you don’t plan to do any of the activities or eating here, it’s still magical and well worth the visit especially in the evenings when it’s dark and the lights are all lit up. There are lots of ticketed and free events going on for the whole duration of the festival. You can check out their website HERE.

Mini Golf Tramore, Image: tramoreamusements.com

Mini Golf and Slot Machines

Yes, you can do this all year round but the mini golf course is just so good! If you wrap up well enough, I don’t see why you wouldn’t want to go play mini golf in winter? But if outside in the winter isn’t appealing to you, you can head inside to the arcade and slot machines if you’re feeling lucky! You can keep children and adults entertained here for a while but just remember not to bring too much money because those machines are so easy to spend money on!

The Donut Bar Tramore, Image: donutbar.ie

Food and Ice cream

When I think of Tramore, I honestly think about the chipper (fish and chips) and the doughnuts and ice cream. Now I’m not telling you that I sit on the beach and eat ice cream in December like I would in July but you can sit in your car and it works just as good (provided you have a car). My favourite thing to do is to go through the McDonalds drive-through on the Cork Road in Waterford city and get one of their sundae’s and then drive to Tramore and eat it in the car at the beach. There’s also amazing restaurants and cafés in the area that are worth trying out if you’re too classy for eating in your car (unlike me)

Splashworld Tramore, Image: splashworld.ie


If you’ve ever been to Tramore as a child you will know what this place is. It’s basically a swimming pool with two waterslides which makes you feel like you’re on holiday (even if you’re not). It’s a really nice place to bring children or if you’re into fitness, you can come and join the adult sessions early in the morning and swim lengths of the pool. Plus, the water is warmer in here than what it is in the sea.

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