5 places to eat you NEED to try in Kilkenny

Kilkenny is a great spot for a day out and you won’t be disappointed or stuck for food options if you do visit. Whether you’re passing through and you want a nice lunch or come especially for a fancy dinner, you have a so much to chose from! Here’s a list of my favourite places to eat when I’m in Kilkenny:

Sante Fe Club at Paris Texas, Image: paristexas.ie

Paris Texas Bar and Smokehouse

Based on barbeque food of ‘down south’ in America and is simply amazing. Usually, people think of greasy food when they think of American food but here does it so much different and better! Their burgers will leave you so full, you’ll struggle to walk out of there but it is definitely worth it! When I visit, I get the BBQ Chicken burger which has bacon and onion and bbq sauce and my mouth is watering just thinking about it! During the summer if you sit towards the back of the restaurant, it’s really nice, airy and bright!

Langtons Bar and Restaurant, Image: tripadvisor.com


Not only is this place a great nightclub and a great venue for gigs, but it also serves amazing food! I honestly can’t recommend this enough and I think everyone should eat here at least once in their lifetime (that’s how good it is!). This place is great for dinner but I recommend trying here for lunch, especially in the summertime or on a nice day! They do traditional stone baked pizza which is worth a trip to Kilkenny in itself. The restaurant itself is gorgeously designed and nice and spacious.

Indique, image: tripadvisor.co.uk


I’m no expert when it comes to Indian food because up until two or three years ago I had never had an Indian. I was introduced by my friends and my life was changed forever, okay but seriously it opened my eyes as to how amazing Indian food can be. I’m not a picky eater but I can not eat spicy food of any sort and just always assumed it would be too spicy but I can happily say that now I love Korma and Butter Chicken. Indique is a recent find of mine and I love the food and the service! The people in here are so welcoming and nice! They do takeaways so if you live in the area and don’t want to sit in you can always take it to go!


The Hungry Moose, image: tripadvisor.ie

The Hungry Moose

As you can probably start to guess by now, I’m that annoying person that 98% of the time will order a burger every time I eat out so I can’t talk about this place. If food is good enough for The Rolling Stones, it should be good enough for you and the owner worked as a private chef for them at some point. The restaurant also received the award of Ireland’s Best Burger so if The Rolling Stones wasn’t enough to convince you, surely the title of Best Burger in the Country should.

Mocha’s Vintage Tea Room & Restaurant, image: tripadvisor.com

Mocha’s Vintage Tea Room & Restaurant

This is another one of my latest finds and it is such a great place for lunch or just to get a coffee and scone. If you go for a tea or coffee make sure to check out their dessert selection because it’s one of the best I’ve ever seen! The interior of the café makes it so cute and cosy and it’s probably the prettiest café I’ve ever been to. They also have great options for breakfast!

Let me know if I left out your favourite restaurant in Kilkenny!


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