Things you may not consider when traveling to Ireland

When you’re planning your trip to Ireland you may be googling where to take the best Instagram photos but you should really consider some important things like will your bank card work here? Do you need a Visa? Do you need to change currency? Make sure you’ve considered everything in our list below before you travel:

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The Weather

We have a blog post already HERE of the best times of the year to visit Ireland but make sure you pack accordingly. Irish summer weather is not the same as other countries and for whatever season, you’re probably safest with a rain jacket or a brolly (umbrella).


Ireland or the Republic of Ireland use Euro so if you’re not from Europe you will need to bring some. Larger notes are not usually accepted by many places, this includes €100 notes and up. If you plan to travel to Northern Ireland too, they use Sterling or the British Pound so if you plan to visit both countries you need both currencies.


If you’re from certain countries you will be required to get a visit/holiday visa before you get to the airport in Dublin, otherwise, you won’t be able to enter. If you’re a citizen of Canada, America or any EU/EEA state, you do not require a 90-day visit/holiday to visit Ireland. As Ireland is made of two countries: The Republic of Ireland (or known as Ireland) and Northern Ireland (which is ruled by the U.K), they are both currently within the EU so the same rules apply no matter which airport you fly into. It is unsure what will happen when the Northern Ireland as part of the UK leaves the EU and Ireland will still remain.

Electronic Money (banking)

MasterCard and Visa are the most commonly used cards and cards like American Express is not accepted in many places. For debit and credit card transactions, you will find that it is the “chip and pin” system. Credit cards can also be used as part of a purchase or in an ATM to withdraw money. Some Irish banks have a partnership with American and Canadian banks to allow you to take out money without charges so make sure to check with your bank.

Do you need to tip?

Tipping is not a common thing to do in Ireland but if you want to tip for an excellent service, it is always well appreciated. 10% is a good guide to go off of but make sure to read the end of your receipt as many people add a service charge to the end of the bill and you could end up paying twice. It’s also important to note that servers do not depend on tips as much as they do in the US and often the staff does not even get these tips.

Food Intolerances

If you have food intolerances or special requests such as vegan food, don’t worry because you can commonly find a lot of options in shops and restaurants. You can also find a high quality of butter, fruit, vegetables and amazingly locally produced food.


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  1. I lived in Ireland for 6 months, best time of my life ! But it’s true that you have to consider weather before going there. This is sooo unpredictable ! I didn’t mind, but it can be frustrating for some people.

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