50 Irish Slang words you NEED to know

When you visit Ireland, you won’t have to learn the Irish language to talk to the people but you will have to learn some slang words to understand what anyone is saying to you. Here’s the list of things you should know to avoid being completely lost:

What’s the Craic? – Hello or any news?

Well – Hello

Story? – any news

Grand – Basically a response to most things

Are ya alright? – Usually a greeting by someone in the service industry asking if you need any help, not asking how you are

Yoke – used to describe anything that you don’t know the name of or can’t think of the name at that time. Also could be used to describe someone to be weird or disgusting

Jammers — packed or full

Eejit – idiot

Muppet – idiot

Gowl – idiot

Scarlet – embarrassed

Gowan so – Goodbye

I will, yeah – depending on the tone but usually means absolutely not

Bate – Wrecked, tired

Gaff – house

Naggin –  a small bottle of spirit

Brolly – Umbrella

Chancer — dodgy character who will do anything to get what they want

Chancin’ your arm – trying your luck

Take the piss — to make fun of, tease, or take advantage of

Gas — funny

Acting the maggot — being a jerk

Langers — drunk

Hammered –drunk

Plastered –drunk

Locked – drunk

Sloshed –drunk

Knackered — exhausted

Flying it — doing well

Craic — a good time/fun

Moth – Usually a Dublin word to say an attractive woman

Ah Come here/ Ah c’mere! – Listen up

Would ya stop/ Would ya go way out of that – That’s crazy, stopping joking

Kip – a place that is messy

Culchie – someone who lives in a rural area

Townie – someone who lives in a town or city

Deadly – cool

Yer man/Yer wan – any person you don’t know the name of

Dose – a measurement of illness or something annoying

Trek – something that takes a lot of effort or you couldn’t be bothered to do

On the lash — to go out drinking

Going 90 – top notch

Spud – potato

Fizzy drink – carbonated drink

Mineral – carbonated drink

Scoop – a drink (or many)

What a ride — a person who’s really attractive

Bang on – accurate

Lads – anyone including men and women

State – something or someone that looks bad

Feck – used as an adjective for anything good or bad

If I left any out, make sure to let me know in the comments!

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