The best places to have a drink in Dublin

Sorry to disappoint you but any pubs or bars in the famous Temple Bar do not make the list. When I say the best places to have a drink, I’m talking about pubs and bars, not nightclubs. When you go to an Irish nightclub you could be anywhere in the world. The music and the dancing is universal for the most part but when you go to an Irish pub or bar, you’ll get the full Irish experience. Here are places to check out if you’re going soon:

The Long Hall, Image:

The Long Hall

This pub is gorgeous inside; the walls are mirrored and the Victorian building itself is something to look at! If you’re looking to hang with the locals, this is your spot. Not many tourists head here and it’s perfect for the afternoon. It does fill up here quite fast so make sure you head here early!

Toners Pub

This Pub has been open since 1818 and is a great place with friendly staff if you’re looking for an authentic experience. There’s a pretty beer garden for the summer and even great music! You’ll find local people here after work. If you’re lucky there will be a match of some description on and the atmosphere is great on these days! I recommend it but if you don’t believe me, WB Yeats also recommended it.

Johnny Fox’s, Image:

Johnny Fox’s

This place is definitely not as well known as other places. The only problem is that it’s in the Dublin mountains in a place called Glencullen, about 25 mins from the city but it’s honestly worth it. This is the place you think of when you think of an Irish pub and the atmosphere is amazing! They have lots of entertainment and even U2 and the Coors have been here!


What I love about this place is there’s nothing extra about it, it probably looks the same as it did when it first opened but that’s what makes it great! They have a wide range of beers and craft beers but a lot of Dublin locals will come here as many say it’s one of the only and best places to get a properly poured pint of Guinness

Irish Trad Session at Cobblestone, Image:


This place is self-described as the best place to find some Traditional Irish music in the city centre. Not only is it popular with the tourists, but it’s also popular with actual locals too. It’s free to come and join the free music sessions that happen every night and what more could you want! The area of Smithfield also has loads to do and lots of restaurants around it if you want to get there early!


Token is all about the old school stuff but is definitely not your traditional Irish bar. Here you can come to play all those video games you loved when you were younger! There are lots of machines that you can play but during the busy time, you may have to wait for a free machine. While you wait you can have a craft beer or even a cocktail or have something to eat (this place also has a large vegan section on the menu)

The Brazen Head, Image: trip

The Brazen Head

This place is as old as it gets, it’s the oldest pub in Dublin and is said to have been around since 1198. It’s a short walk to both Temple Bar and the Guinness Storehouse so if you’re visiting any of them, you might as well stop here for a pint. They have a gorgeous courtyard during the summer and music very often! This is the type of atmosphere you won’t be able to describe, its a typical authentic Irish pub experience that you won’t find in many places.

Messrs Maguire

Located just off O’ Connell Bridge in the city centre this is a great place to sit and have a pint with friends! There are 4 floors but be warned, this place is almost like a maze with all the rooms and floors so maybe meet your friends outside! They have a wide range of home brewed beer but it can get busy early here, so go early!

If I left out any of your favourite pubs in Dublin, let me know!

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3 thoughts on “The best places to have a drink in Dublin

  1. I remembered the first week-end I arrived in Dublin, I went to Temple bar actually, even if it’s not in your article. I went there at 4 pm so I wasn’t expecting any music and fun atmosphere as it was too soon.
    What a surprised when a violinist arrived with its band playing typical Irish music ! Every Irish knew the song and were clapping hand and singing! I was only 19 and remembered thinking “Omg I feel so happy to live this” ! Beautiful memory that will ever stay in my mind 🙂

    1. It doesn’t matter where you go in Ireland, if you go to a pub you will probably find traditional music! Glad you had a great time!

  2. Making me feel home sick. Wish I was in Dublin right now, they all look well worth a visit on my next trip back, can’t wait! Love your site ~ keep up the good work!

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