10 things to do in Limerick City

To me, Limerick has always been that place you go to when you want to have a really good night out. Limerick really does have so much to offer like sports, theatre, history and so much more. It’s also a really good central place to locate yourself on the West Coast of Ireland if you plan to go on a little trip to the West. Here are my top 10 things you should do when you visit Limerick:

Munster Rugby, Image: mrsc.ie

Go to a Sports Event

Limerick is well known for its rugby and it’s Thomond Park is home to the Munster Rugby team. They also train at the University of Limerick and you can go watch them get ready for their next big match if you love rugby. Limerick people are extremely proud of their teams and you will find green and white flags everywhere to support their county. If it’s winter and you can’t bear to sit out in the cold, you can also go into any pub which will more than likely have the match on the tv and you can have a drink, stay warm, enjoy the atmosphere and watch the match.

Dolans, Image: Thelist.ie

Go to a Music Gig

There’s always something on the music scene in Limerick. If you’re looking for something a little more cultural and traditional, I would suggest The Locke Bar which is where you can catch an Irish trad session. If you’re looking for something a little less traditional, Dolan’s is a great place to go. Coming up in December 2018 they have Hermitage Green, The Riptide Movement, Villagers, and other amazing musicians.

King John’s Castle, Image: tripadvisor.co.uk

Learn about the History

King John’s Castle is located right in the city centre and is an amazing place to visit for all visitors! This attraction focuses mainly on the medieval history of Limerick but you can also check out the Limerick City Museum on Henry Street if you’re looking to dive deeper into the city’s history.

Sushi at Kyoto, Image: tripadvisor.ie

Go grab something to eat

Limerick is known for its amazing restaurants and its wide variety of food choices. There is so much choice for food here including vegetarian and vegan places (The Old Fire Station), meat places (Texas Steakout), authentic sushi (Kyoto), Burgers, (Coqbull) and even Italian (La Cucina)

The Still House, Image: liberoguide.com

Go grab a drink in a pub

Not everything has to be centred around alcohol but there’s a great atmosphere in most pubs in Ireland that is simply too hard to pass up, including Limerick’s pubs. There are great pubs everywhere in the city including The Still House which is located in the city centre is great for visitors to feel like they’re actually a local. There’s also Micky Martin’s which has a fire and lots of board games if you want to have a night without your phone!

University of Limerick, Image: atlanticbridge.com

University of Limerick

Just outside the City, the University of Limerick is definitely one of the most beautiful and unique campuses in Ireland. It always reminds me of a more American style as the campus and all its accommodation is together in one area unlike most Irish Universities which are mostly spread out through a city and your neighbours are not always students. Castletroy (where UL is) is full of students but you will always see people running and walking around the campus, especially because it is built on the river Shannon. There are many beautiful bridges here too which make amazing photos.

Go on a wild night out!

Limerick is well known for being a great student night out but there’s also amazing cocktail bars you can go to if clubs on a Thursday isn’t your style. Mondays and Thursdays are the big nights out for students but you can go out any night here and out can be sure that you’re in for a great night!

The Lime Tree, Image: irishtheatre.ie

Go see a show

Limerick has a great reputation when it comes to theatre and shows. The two main ones are The Bell Table and The Lime Tree. The Lime Tree is in Mary Immaculate College and hosts the Limerick Christmas pantomime each year which is hilarious and worth the visit if you’re in the city in December! They both have performances all year and have shows from local and international companies.

Go Shopping

Like any big city, Limerick is a great place for shopping! The Crescent Shopping centre is just outside the city centre and you can easily get here by bus or car or even walk and it has all the major shops under one roof! You can also shop in the city centre which has a lot of places to get shopping in.

Untitled design (6).png
Culture Night, Image: dancelimerick.ie

Go to culture night!

This only happens once a year so if you can, try to make it to the infamous Culture Night which falls on a different date in September each year (check out Limerick.ie for dates). There’s something for everyone including music, art and so much more. There are performances across the city for absolutely free so why not go!

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