10 things to do in Limerick City

Munster Rugby, Image: mrsc.ie

To me, Limerick has always been that place you go to when you want to have a really good night out. Limerick really does have so much to offer like sports, theatre, history and so much more. It’s also a really good central place to locate yourself on the West Coast of Ireland if you plan to go on a little trip to the West. Here are my top 10 things you should do when you visit Limerick:

Go to a Sports Event

Limerick is well known for its rugby and it’s Thomond Park is home to the Munster Rugby team. They also train at the University of Limerick and you can go watch them get ready for their next big match if you love rugby. Limerick people are extremely proud of their teams and you will find green and white flags everywhere to support their county. If it’s winter and you can’t bear to sit out in the cold, you can also go into any pub which will more than likely have the match on the tv and you can have a drink, stay warm, enjoy the atmosphere and watch the match. read more

Top 5 restaurants in Waterford, Ireland

Pizza at Burzza, Image: burzza.com

As my nearest city would be Waterford City, I would consider my 22 years of experience with restaurants in Waterford City enough to qualify me to recommend you my top 5 Waterford restaurants:


This place is just down from the Apple Market in the city centre and is the best place for burgers or pizza in Waterford, in my opinion. It is an American/Italian style restaurant and if you’re willing to spend a little more on a burger, you will not be disappointed. You can also tell that the pizzas are made with all fresh ingredients and are something similar of what you would find in Italy (and the pizza in Italy is to die for so that’s a major compliment). The staff are really friendly and I’ve never had an experience where my food was slow to be served despite the restaurant being packed with people. read more

The best places to have a drink in Dublin

The Long Hall, Image: zomato.com

Sorry to disappoint you but any pubs or bars in the famous Temple Bar do not make the list. When I say the best places to have a drink, I’m talking about pubs and bars, not nightclubs. When you go to an Irish nightclub you could be anywhere in the world. The music and the dancing is universal for the most part but when you go to an Irish pub or bar, you’ll get the full Irish experience. Here are places to check out if you’re going soon:

The Long Hall

This pub is gorgeous inside; the walls are mirrored and the Victorian building itself is something to look at! If you’re looking to hang with the locals, this is your spot. Not many tourists head here and it’s perfect for the afternoon. It does fill up here quite fast so make sure you head here early! read more

Best Irish Christmas Markets to visit this festive season

GLOW, Image: corkindependant.ie

It’s never too early to be thinking about Christmas! People in the past would travel to gorgeous Christmas markets in Prague, Edinburgh, etc. but you’re missing what’s on your doorstep! There are so many different Christmas markets in Ireland and each one of them brings something different! Here’s a list of the best Christmas markets that you need to go to this year:

GLOW – A Cork Christmas Celebration

GLOW is set to run each weekend (Fri-Sun) from Nov 30 – Dec 22. This place is magical at Christmas time and located right in the heart of Cork City! Admission is free and the light displays are great, even kids will love a look around! There’s a display in Bishop Lucey Park (which is right on Grand Parade in Cork) which is Santa’s Cork Workshop for the whole of December! The Ferris wheel is open daily, not only at the weekends but if you want the full experience for food markets and the atmosphere, I recommend coming at the weekend. read more

50 Irish Slang words you NEED to know

When you visit Ireland, you won’t have to learn the Irish language to talk to the people but you will have to learn some slang words to understand what anyone is saying to you. Here’s the list of things you should know to avoid being completely lost:

What’s the Craic? – Hello or any news?

Well – Hello

Story? – any news

Grand – Basically a response to most things

Are ya alright? – Usually a greeting by someone in the service industry asking if you need any help, not asking how you are read more

Things you may not consider when traveling to Ireland

Slievenamon, Image: me

When you’re planning your trip to Ireland you may be googling where to take the best Instagram photos but you should really consider some important things like will your bank card work here? Do you need a Visa? Do you need to change currency? Make sure you’ve considered everything in our list below before you travel:

The Weather

We have a blog post already HERE of the best times of the year to visit Ireland but make sure you pack accordingly. Irish summer weather is not the same as other countries and for whatever season, you’re probably safest with a rain jacket or a brolly (umbrella). read more

5 places to eat you NEED to try in Kilkenny

Sante Fe Club at Paris Texas, Image: paristexas.ie

Kilkenny is a great spot for a day out and you won’t be disappointed or stuck for food options if you do visit. Whether you’re passing through and you want a nice lunch or come especially for a fancy dinner, you have a so much to chose from! Here’s a list of my favourite places to eat when I’m in Kilkenny:

Paris Texas Bar and Smokehouse

Based on barbeque food of ‘down south’ in America and is simply amazing. Usually, people think of greasy food when they think of American food but here does it so much different and better! Their burgers will leave you so full, you’ll struggle to walk out of there but it is definitely worth it! When I visit, I get the BBQ Chicken burger which has bacon and onion and bbq sauce and my mouth is watering just thinking about it! During the summer if you sit towards the back of the restaurant, it’s really nice, airy and bright! read more

Why you NEED to go Bantry, Co. Cork

Bantry House and Gardens, Image: Tripadvisor.co.uk

Bantry is a small town located in the West of Cork and the South West of Ireland and sits right on the centre of Bantry Bay which stretches for 35km. This town has so many beautiful scenes and places to visit all around it so it was no wonder I easily put this list together. Here are some things you can do when you visit:

Bantry House and Gardens

These gardens are well worth the visit when you’re here. The gardens are home to some subtropical shrubs and plants and are just amazing, especially in the summer months! The house has some beautifully restored bedrooms that you can stay in a B&B. The venue is also a popular wedding venue and various events. read more

why YOU need to visit Tramore, Co. Waterford this Winter

Tramore is a beautiful seaside town located in County Waterford which is a really popular destination for Irish and non-Irish residents to visit during the summer. They have their famous amusements in the summer and many people spend a weekend here as a staycation and eat ice cream, walk on the beach and go on the amusements like the chair-o-planes but I personally think that Tramore has so much to offer in the Winter time too and these are some of the things you could get up to in the Winter months: read more

5 restaurants you NEED to try in Cork City

Uncle Petes, Image: unclepetes.ie

Cork city has an abundance of restaurants for you to try and you could never run out of new places to try (okay, that might be a bit of a stretch if you live there). When I was in College in UCC, my favourite thing to do was to spend the only little bit of income I was getting from my part-time job and spend it on avoiding to cook by eating out. I’d consider myself an expert of places to eat in Cork, so here are my top 5 places that I love and that you should try:

Uncle Petes

I discovered this place in the first year of college and very quickly became obsessed with the place. This Italian restaurant located on Paul Street and is open daily from 12pm to 10pm. The prices here are very good value for the quality and size of the portions. My favourite thing to get here is pizza, they have the classic thin New York style base, you can choose your own toppings (I’m a pineapple on pizza kind of person in case you were wondering) and there’s even a gluten-free base option which is becoming more popular but there was definitely the first place I saw it. They also have amazing pasta if pizza isn’t your thing but I can assure you, you’ll definitely find something you love here! read more